Double Plateau Template

As it says in the name, the Double Plateau template is a green that features two raised sections of the green. As is the case with most of the template holes, CB Macdonald is behind this design.

Ususally the holes are shapes similar to a heart or an “L.” The valley is found between the two raised portions and this design almost creates three different greens.

Strategy for this template hole is dictated by pin position. If the hole is located in the valley between the two pleateaus, good scores are plentiful. The valley will gather shots hit off line and long back towards the hole. If the hole location is on one of the raised plateaus, it becomes exceedingly more difficult.

The first green at Old MacDonald is a Double Plateau that immediately challenges players.

Some courses will use a bunker located in the fairway to create a sort of blind shot to the green. Often times this bunker will protect the green even though it is located far from the putting surface. It has been said that the fairway bunker is modeled after the Principals nose at St. Andrews. Again, the point of this bunker is to create more of a visual trick than anything else.

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